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Electrocardiographic silver-chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes

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The working element of ECG electrodes is made of carbon-filled polyamide with Ag/AgCl coating applied to it as a working surface.

Advantages of our ECG electrodes over counterparts:

  • great signal quality is provided by excellent specifications:

    • low electrode potential difference (lower than 1 mV)

    • low own noise (lower than 3 μV)

    • low electrode potential drift (lower than 35 μV)

    • low total interelectrode resistance (impedance) that does not change over time

    • resistance to long-term exposure to small direct current

  • electrodes do not polarize during defibrillation - image on the monitor after the defibrillation remains stable

  • unlike electrodes with a galvanic covering, our electrodes do not turn green from the oxidation of brass, so they don't get noise which is typical in such cases

  • the work surface can be disinfected with alcohol

  • our electrodes can be used without electrode gel —  they are working stably and without signal distortions when used with saline

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