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Electroencephalographic silver-chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes

Available versions:

  • ​cranial cup EEG electrode

  • ear cup EEG electrоde

  • bridge EEG electrode

Color of connecting cables: white, blue, red, green, yellow, black.

Working element of the electrodes whole compressed Ag/AgCl tablet.

Main advantages:

  • our EEG electrodes have better specifications than counterparts

EEG electrodes specifications:

  • electrode potential difference not greater than 0.4 mV

  • electrode potential drift not greater than 7 μV

  • noise voltage lower than 2 μV

  • total interelectrode resistance (impedance) not greater than 100 Ω

  • electrode resistance not greater than 0.1 Ω

Our electrodes have stable electrode potential, very low polarization, own noise, electrode potential drift and interelectrode resistance.

These features allow to register minimal EEG signals clearly, reliably and without distortions (if operation and storage rules are followed).

  • quality, reliability and practicality

The electrode is connected to the EEG device via female 1.5mm connector with reliable silvered 2PM connector.
The main feature of our connector is its practicality: if the wire becomes frayed/broken, it is enough to untwist the connector and resolder it.

Additionally, the ear clip of our ear EEG electrode has the spring that is made of stainless steel - this allows you to put the clip into the saline without taking out the electrode.

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