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Electrocardiographic silver-chloride pectoral suction electrode EKH-03

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Electrocardiographic silver-chloride (Ag/AgCl) suction pectoral electrode EKH-03 (set of 6 units)

Suction electrodes for adults (working surface diameter - 24mm), electrode covering - Ag/AgCl.

The set contains suction electrodes of 6 colors - each electrode in the set has a separate color according to common ECG electrode placement system.
Electrodes are compatible with UCARD, Biomed, Midas, Doniks, REMA, Axion, Monitor, HEACO, Innomed and other electrocardiographs.

Available connector versions:

  • for 4mm banana socket

This is the simplest option with the best price-quality ratio: it is suitable for 99 percent of cardiographs (Biomed, Metekol, UCARD, Midas, Doniks, REMA, Heaco, Conter, Axion, Monitor, Innomed, BTL, SCHILLER and others).

  • with universal screw

The universal screw allows you to clamp both the standard 4 mm and 3 mm banana (typical of Japanese cardiographs) sockets.

This screw has a "press-stud" button (for Holter ECG) at the top.

  • with "press-stud" button

The "press-stud" button is used for Holter ECG connector.

This option is demanded for devices that have only this type of cable (e.g. Beecardia and Tredex devices) because screw connection will cause signal distortion.

Main advantages:

  • ​the set has electrodes of 6 colors, which makes it convenient to use

  • our electrodes have less weight than counterparts

  • for vacuum reliability, the balloon is glued to the body of the suction cup with special glue from "Wurth"

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