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ECG electrodes guide

Which connector to choose?

If your cardiograph or other device has the default 4mm banana socket (over 99 percent of cardiographs have it), then the best option for you is EKH-01 and EKH-03 for 4mm banana socket

Advantages of the electrodes for 4mm banana socket:

  • low price

  • easy to use (just insert them into the connector)

  • they are firmly fastened to the cable and do not untwist

If your device has only Holter ECG ("press-stud") connector (as on the button of disposable ECG electrode), then your choice is EKH-01 та EKH-03 with "press-stud" button

The advantage of electrodes with "press-stud" button over electrodes with universal screw is that the screw connection will cause signal distortion regardless of ECG device (this can be cricital when interpreting measurement results)

If you are sure that the above options do not satisfy you, then your choice is the universal connector with the screw (for 3mm and 4mm banana sockets and with "press-stud" button)

Pediatric or underlay ECG electrodes?

Our EKH-01 and EKH-03 electrodes are designed for measuring ECG of adult patients.

For measuring ECG of children we recommend underlay electrodes EKH-02 and EKH-04.

Unlike EKH-01 and EKH-03, underlay electrodes can be firmly fastened to the child's mobile limb or torso with a belt.
Additionally, underlay electrodes leave no traces of suction on torso and no feeling of discomfort.

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